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DATa story

writing and visualisation


Storytelling allows businesses to better understand insight.


Data visualisation is a great tool to help share, or tell a story, but relies on the story being written first. Improved data communication comes from combining good visualisation with a well-written narrative


A full day workshop covers:


Data story writing


  • An introduction to data communication

  • Practical approaches for understanding specific audiences

  • Identifying your personal communication bias

  • How to find a story amongst the graph/data-noise

  • How to write concise and compelling data narratives for stakeholder influence

  • The full Data Story Canvas to implement all methods in-house


Data story visualisation


  • An introduction to graphic design

  • How to apply design principles to enhance your data visualisations

  • Best practice dashboard and A3 layout design

  • The different types of data visualisation in the analytics cycle

  • Graph type best practice

  • Designing graphs within brand guidelines



No laptop is necessary. All exercises are done using a pen and paper. The design principles and best practice data visualisation techniques taught can be applied to any software. 

Non-profit rates are available on request. 


Workshops can be customised and run on client-site for up to 12 people.

"We’ve had some wonderful feedback about these workshops, with various people in the team saying how interesting and eye-opening they were and how it has really got them thinking about how they’ll approach visualisation work differently in the future."

"Loved it! Great to be reminded of some things, learn some more and have the structure to help going forward. Super helpful resources to take away!"

"Fantastic! Great to apply the concepts as we learned. Excellent to finally get an understanding of simple design principles."

"Thank you so much! I've heard a lot of enthusiasm from my team about this course and I can totally see why!"

"Really good course. Great flow of the day - a good balance of seeing, hearing and doing."

As part of techweek Waikato, register for this Introduction to Data Storytelling workshop.


It will cover everything you need to know to get started in this field.


Special Techweek pricing and limited tickets.

Don't see a workshop in your city?


To date, we have run workshops in Auckland and Wellington.


Please let us know other locations you'd like a workshop run in the future.

Are you a student and can't afford the workshop fee?


Affording the rent is hard enough when studying, let alone paying for a workshop outside of this - regardless of how awesome the workshop is!


If you have a passion for data communication (a skill dominating the majority of analytics job adverts), Rogue Penguin has two free tickets to each of its workshops for students.


To be considered for a student ticket please complete the below form. All applicants must be 18 years or older, currently studying but able to attend the workshop for the day. Selection will be based on the case made for attending and successful students will be notified 2 weeks before the chosen workshop.