data viz.png

Tell me a data story...


Data visualisations are a popular way to tell data stories. The practice has firmly found its place in communication today. 


Data viz can take on many forms, depending on the audience it's designed for.


One-pagers (a.k.a. posters or A3s) are designed for a physical space but are usually published online as well. They can be created with or without a narrative.

Scrolling stories

A scrolling story is designed for digital reading but can easily be redesigned to fit a poster format. Because of their scrolling nature, they are best designed around a narrative.

Animated videos

An animated video helps to bring data or a message to life! Like a movie, it's a good idea to start with a script (or a well written data story) and build the design around this. 


A physical data visualisation takes data out of a digital world and into a physical one. Displaying data in a tactile way — even if the output is captured and shared digitally — can help engage viewers with the reality behind the numbers.