A personal data viz development challenge

As someone who is lucky enough to specialise in communicating technical information 😍, data visualisation is a big part of my professional life. But all those NDAs make it hard to share a lot of this work with the world. Therefore, at the beginning of the year I set myself a 'resolution' (something I don’t do often) to create more personally-driven data visualisations.

But where to start?!

In January as if in answer to this question, Storytelling with Data launched #SWDChallenge - a monthly data visualisation challenge. A different visual framework is proposed each month but participants are given the freedom of choice around tool and data.

The digital community is amazingly supportive (just type #SWDChallenge into Twitter!) with lots of minds thinking differently about the same challenge.

If you’re looking to improve your data visualisation skills (or those of your team) I highly recommend participating in the #SWDChallenge.

I'm 6 data visualisations complete, 6 to go!

You can check out my visualisations to date 👉 here.