understand data through story


Why do data storytelling?


The meaning of data is not obvious to everyone. What is understood by some, is lost to others. We interpret data differently and sometimes we interpret data wrong.


But misinterpreting data is not our fault (unless our job is to analyse it!). If the meaning of data isn’t clear, it most likely hasn’t been communicated to us well.


Data storytelling communicates data insights.

What is data storytelling?


Data storytelling is a form of communication.


The practice combines data, with story and visuals.


Visuals engage us with a story. A story engages us with data. Data engages us with our world.


Data storytelling helps communicate our world.

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Why the fuss?


Storytelling is a buzzword. It’s up there with ‘pivot’ and ‘new normal’. The word has been adopted by many fields, and what it means to tell a story has evolved differently. Despite these differences, all storytelling is a form of communication - and data is only meaningful when communicated well. 


Storytelling adds meaning to data and gives us reason to pay attention to it.