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Kat Greenbrook


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Kat is the founder and director of New Zealand-based data storytelling company, Rogue Penguin.

Data Storytelling Professional

Kat works with clients throughout New Zealand and Australia, helping make their data insights more accessible. The majority of her clients are large corporations or government agencies - all organisations operating with lots of data. Kat has worked in the data analytics industry for eighteen years; throughout New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Europe. She has a career background in data science.

Workshop facilitator

Kat regularly facilitates workshops on data communication to help businesses tell their own data stories. In the last few years, she has run more than a hundred data storytelling workshops, training thousands of people. Attendees include those working in data science, communications, graphic design, accounting, and marketing.

Industry speaker

Kat is an invited speaker on data storytelling. Her in-person appearances include client conventions, and product conferences (including SAS Global Forum in Texas). Recently, she presented virtually at The Data Visualisation Society’s annual online conference, Outlier 2022. Kat is a guest lecturer at a number of New Zealand universities.

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