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Kat is the founder of Rogue Penguin. 


She has over ten years of experience in analytical modeling roles, but after a shift in vocation now focuses on the challenge of data communication. Kat retrained in digital design and uses visualisation as a tool to help businesses tell their data stories.


Kat regularly speaks at analytics events on data communication and visualisation. 






Data comicgen award jury 2021


Comicgen Awards_resize.png

The Data Comicgen Awards are run by Gramener, who believe in the power of telling stories from data through comics. Comicgen - the open source comic library enables anyone to create data comic stories. The Data Comicgen Awards celebrate the best data comic storytellers.


Kat was asked to take on the role as one of the jury to help choose the best data comic story.

Data viz trends 2021


Data viz trends

Rebeca Pop, Vizlogue's founder, discusses 2020 and 2021 data visualization trends with 3 other experts in the field: Kat Greenbrook, Evelina Judeikyte, and Robert Crocker.


You can watch the recording on YouTube.

numbers vs. message debate 2020



This virtual event was hosted and moderated by Danielle Stein Fairhurst, and featured data storyteller Kat Greenbrook and financial modelling specialist Lance Rubin.


They went head to head and debated the importance of getting the numbers right versus showing their message. 

You can watch the debate on YouTube.

CPA Congress 2019

Auckland, New Zealand


CPA (Certified Public Accountant) Congress aims to help its members discover the technological innovations and skills shaping future accounting and finance roles.


Kat spoke about the biggest mistakes people make when communicating data and demonstrated how to avoid them. This talk was tailored to roles in the finance industry, for both larger organisations and smaller practices. 

Sas global forum 2019

Dallas, Texas


SAS Global Forum is one of the largest annual analytics conferences in the world.


Kat was invited to share her knowledge on data stories and visualisation.


She explained how to write a data story and effectively tell it using data visualization. Kat shared an introduction to graphic design from a data perspective, and illustrated how applying simple design principles in SAS Visual Analytics can enhance the data storytelling.

Auckland, New Zealand

marketing association.JPG

The Marketing Association Smarter Data Conference hosts leading marketing & data experts to provide the tools to turn insights into action.


Kat ran a 90-minute workshop for attendees to find out how data storytelling can benefit their company brand and how they can get started. For marketers diving into data storytelling, there are certain elements that will ensure it succeeds.

women in data science 2019

Wellington, New Zealand


WiDS Wellington is an independent event organised by Victoria University of Wellington to coincide with the annual Global Women in Data Science (WiDS) Conference held at Stanford University and an estimated 150+ locations worldwide. 


Kat introduced the concept of data storytelling, explaining the term in more detail. She walked through a detailed example of data storytelling work, outlining a method to help discover the story from the noise of data.

cA accounting conference 2018

Auckland, New Zealand


The CA (Chartered Accountants) annual Accounting conference empowers their members to become leaders and shapers of finance and business in Australia and New Zealand.


Kat presented on data visualisation; with specific reference to how analytics and design disciplines can be combined to tell financial stories.


Kat invited the audience to step through a data viz makeover to enhance their data viz skills, something essential for a finance professional beginning their journey into a new world of Big Data. 

SUNz 2018

Wellington, New Zealand


The theme of the 38th annual SUNZ (SAS Users New Zealand) conference was Bright Future.


Kat was one of the highest-rated presenters at SUNZ.


Her presentation demonstrated how a data story can be written and the impact this can have on improving insight communication.

Waikato tech week 2018

Hamilton, New Zealand

Hamilton Tech week.jpg

Techweek included 21 events and 65+ speakers. Part of a nationwide annual festival aimed at local and international investors, business, technology leaders, and enthusiasts that focuses on INNOVATION THAT'S GOOD FOR THE WORLD and celebrates New Zealand's innovation ecosystem.


Kat was the highest-rated presenter at Techweek Waikato.


She spoke on the types of data visualisation in the analytics cycle and how to incorporate accessibility in data visualisation design. 

analytics forum 2018

Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand


The New Zealand Analytics Forum is a community of over 2,000 professionals who apply analytics to solve business problems. They explore analytics and data science across different industries and seek to have a positive influence in New Zealand. 


Kat presented how design principles can be best applied when creating data visualisations, if the purpose is to communicate insight.

Tableau user group

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland TUG.jpg

The Auckland TUG connects Tableau users from all over Auckland. This group brings together local professionals interested in sharing and learning Tableau and best practices of data visualization.


Kat presented alongside Rob Crocker.


They spoke on how to strategically use colour in a data visualisation to create less undirected 'rainbows'.


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