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Have you ever been asked to “tell a story” with your data but weren’t sure where to start? Many books touch on the subject of storytelling but few go into detail on how to actually do this.

The Data Storyteller’s Handbook is your practical, illustrated guide to becoming a skilled Data Storyteller. 

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Or ask your local bookstore or library.

Based on a proven workshop structure and designed for busy professionals, it is the perfect resource to quickly enhance your data communication skills. 

This handbook will help you:


  • Understand how your work contributes to business success, enabling you to communicate, collaborate, and influence within your organisation.


  • Build empathy for your audience, making your data storytelling resonate.


  • Find story building blocks from your data analysis, understanding what data is part of what story to help you communicate a clear message.


  • Write an engaging and compelling data narrative that weaves data around context and explanation.


  • Use visuals to convey your data story with maximum impact, emphasising communication over aesthetics.

Whether you're a data analyst or simply someone who wants to better communicate data, The Data Storyteller’s Handbook is your ultimate guide to creating business impact by telling data stories.


Chapter 1

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Bulk Books

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Download all book templates to use in your own data storytelling.



Download parts of the book as posters to refer back to easily.

What People Are Saying

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"The Data Storyteller’s Handbook is an incredible resource that will inspire a new generation of storytellers to find enchantment in numbers and share their learnings with the world."


Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic, bestselling author of storytelling with data, let’s practice!, and storytelling with you

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"I’m thrilled to see Kat generously share her considerable talents as a visual storyteller, and her refined knowledge as a prolific trainer and experienced consultant, in written form. This is a wonderfully accessible and ever-so-thoughtfully constructed book. It oozes charm and personality, enriching her natural flair for clarifying the complex. Kat smartly deconstructs this subject, with every sentence, every figure, every headline, and every case study surpassing the promise to help the reader better understand visual storytelling. It will fully enlighten those who are new to this world, but inject so many fresh ideas for those who are not. It is a vital offering for anyone who has to communicate data. The world of data will be a better place for this book existing!"


Andy Kirk, author of Data Visualisation: A Handbook for Data Driven Design

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"Kat Greenbrook’s The Data Storyteller’s Handbook is an insightful, practical resource for anyone looking to build and tell data stories. She does a great job of clarifying the purpose of data stories and provides straightforward guidance on how to craft stories with data."


Brent Dykes, author of Effective Data Storytelling: How to drive change with data, narrative and visuals

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"This is an excellent book for the challenge of converting data into a well-told story because Kat Greenbrook has exactly the critical mind needed for the job."


Randy Olson, author of Houston We Have A Narrative: Why Science Needs Story

"Across successive waves of "data democratisation", a gap has persisted between technological capabilities and their business impact. To be blunt, more data and more powerful tools have had, at best, uneven impact on the quality of decisions. The easy way out is to buy more technology, but in this book Kat Greenbrook offers a diagnosis and remedy to close the gap: data storytelling. As Kat explains, stories are a powerful conduit for increasing the business impact of data because they reduce noise and focus decision-makers on what matters. And finding "what matters" is not merely an exercise in data analysis but an exploration of audiences, power, and incentives... an intensely human activity. If it sounds daunting, the methodology presented, through vivid examples and easy-to-follow frameworks, breaks this challenge down into clear and repeatable steps. And the best thing of all is data storytelling can benefit everyone working with data, regardless of skills, tools or experience!"


Shaun McGirr, Chief AI and Data Officer

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