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My Plastic Footprint. A physical data visualisation project. Created by Kat Greenbrook. In one year, the world creates 275 million tonnes of plastic waste. My Plastic Footprint measures how much of this plastic waste is mine. In one year, my plastic footprint was 24 kilograms. This equates to 2.7 grams in one hour.
My Plastic Footprint for one hour equals 2.7 grams, or one plastic turtle (created from my plastic waste). My Plastic Footprint for one day equals 65 grams, or 24 plastic turtles.
My Plastic Footprint for one week equals 455 grams, or 168 plastic turtles.
My Plastic Footprint-04.png
My Plastic Footprint for one year equals 24 kilograms, or 8,760 plastic turtles (not visualised). You can find out more about this project at Nightingale and Outlier websites.
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